Welcome to Heart of Virginia Doodles!

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Lilly and Patches New Pups

Lilly and Patches had 7 new puppies October 20, 2015.  Here they are!!!

Female- Black and Brown

Female With with 2 black ears


Sable/Brindle female


Female - Whiite with 1 black ear

Small Male Black

White and Black Male


Sable/Brindle Male


September 2015 Update

Good Day! We currently do not have any puppies available at Heart of Virginia Doodles.  We are expecting a litter around the middle of October.  These will be minatures.  The Dam is Lily Mae and the Sire is Patches. These puppies should be ready to go to their foever home sometime near December 18th.  Just before Christmas.  We will update when we have news.




Sophie and Deacon's Litter Born

Sophie and Deacon's Litter were born June 3rd.  This is our first sheepadoodle litter.  Sophie belongs to Old Domionion Kennel. 


Sadie and Barney's Pups

Sadie and Barney's Puppies are due sometime around May 10th!  Stay Tuned. Check their reservation list for availability.


Katie and Barney's Litter

Katie and Barney's litter arrived April 3rd. There are 9 of the best puppies ever. There are 4 males and 5 females. 4 blacks with some white on chest and 5 chocolates. Pictures coming soon!