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We Have Puppies and News.

Hi friends.  We have a few announcements of puppies to make.  

Ginny and Patches had 8 Minature Austrailan Labradoodles 8/28.  4 boys, 4 girls. 4 black and 4 parti black and white. These puppies will be ready to go to their forever home after they are cleared by our vet sometime after 10/16/16.

Izzy and Remington's Sheepadoodle puppies were born August 30th.  She had 14 puppies, however we lost 2.  These 12 puppies and Izzy are doing well.  These puppies will be able to go to their forever home after they are cleared by our vet sometime after, 10/18/16.


Cinny and Barney are expecting a Halloween litter due around 10/29/16. These puppies can go home after 12/17/16. These are going to be gorgeous!

Gabby has been bred to Whistlin' Dixie's Doodles sire, Chocolate Chip. These puppies will be ready to go home by Christmas. 

Here is a picture of Chip.



We have new puppies coming September 1st

We are pleased to announce that Ginny and Patches are expecting Australian Miniature Labradoodle puppies AND Izzy and Remington are expecting Sheepadoodle litters both around September 1st.


Lily and Patches Spring/Summer 2016 Litter

Updated 5/21/16

Lily's pups have arrived, they were born May 19th. She had 8 total. 6 girls 2 boys. 5 are white with black spots. 1 is that brindled color. 2 are black. All appear to be healthy. 



Upcoming Litters for Spring, Summer, and Fall

Lily Mae and Patches are expecting a miniature labradoodle litter sometime around May 21, 2016.    Izzy and Remi are expecting a probable Sheepadoodle Litter late summer.  Cinny and Barney will be expecting a Standard Sized Labradoodle litter around late summer as well.  Then we will welcome Miniature Austrailian Labradoodles from Ginny and Patches in early Fall of this year.  Please fill out a puppy application and inquire about a deposit if you are interested in any of these litters!  They will fill up FAST!


Gabby and Barney's pups arrived yesterday

Gabby's first litter, born 2/21/16. Ready around 4/10/16. Gabby had 6 total.  5 females and 1 male.  4 are chocolate and white and 2 are bacl and white.  The lone male is one of the black and white ones pictured below.  We have 2 spots left.